Botswana is located in the heart of Southern Africa, located just north of South Africa. It has a small population spread over a vast area, the capital Gaborone has a population of around 250,000. Economic growth in the country is strong, underpinned by a significant diamond industry, and the country has a stable and democratically elected government.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given its neighbours, cricket was started in the country by expatriates from South Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Botswana was elected to the ICC as an affiliate member in 2001, and there are currently over 8,000 active players in the country. Botswana is a member of the African Cricket Association, the national team are currently in Division Six of the ICC World Cricket League.

Why are CWB in Botswana?

Botswana has been hit hard by AIDS. In 2009 there were an estimated 300,000 adults living with HIV; or one quarter of the population aged 15 and over. The country has an estimated adult HIV prevalence among 15-49 year olds of 24.8%, the second highest in the world.

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As a result, our work in Botswana very much focuses on the HIV health messages. There is good national access to testing and treatment, but HIV knowledge among young people remains dangerously low, with fewer than 50% of people aged 15-24 able to correctly answer basic questions in relation to HIV. HIV prevention knowledge is particularly low among young males.

Stories from Botswana

These stories from Botswana are drawn from our volunteers’ project blogs – click through to read about the critical work we do tackling HIV in this country, alongside stories of cricket development and Botswanan adventures.


We know it works

14th Apr 2015

A review of monitoring and evaluation of projects in Botswana, and how we measure impact of sessions.


Beyond the stats

1st April 2015

A reflection by a volunteer on what the statistics of a project don’t measure – smiles, teamwork and changing lives.


HIV in Botswana

20th Oct 2014

Read about the challenges of tackling HIV in a country like Botswana, were prevalence in some areas is as high as 45%.


If you’re happy and you know it

27th Oct 2013

A happy day in Botswana – read about the magic of the unexpected on a Cricket Without Boundaries project.

Botswana Projects

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bots2016Botswana Autumn 2016
1st - 15th Oct


bots2015Botswana Autumn 2015
17th - 31st Oct

Botswana Spring 2015
21st Mar - 5th Apr

bots2014Botswana Autumn 2014
4th - 18th Oct

Botswana Spring 2014
12th - 25th Apr

bots2013Botswana Autumn 2013
19th Oct - 2nd Nov


bots2012Botswana Autumn 2012
3rd - 18th Nov

Botswana Spring 2012
17th Apr - 1st May

bots2010Botswana Autumn 2010
19th Oct - 1st Nov


bots2009Botswana Autumn 2009
20th Oct - 1st Nov


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350, 000 Botswanans


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78 percent


On antiretroviral treatment

22 percent


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