Cameroon is located on the west coast of Africa, and is often described as ‘Africa in Miniature’ as it encompasses such a diverse mixture of African culture, people and landscapes. With a population of 20 million people, the country is undergoing a notable demographic shift towards a more urbanised society – more than 50% of the population now live in urban areas.

Cameroon is Cricket Without Boundaries’ newest country – we have worked there since November 2012 with the support of the Cameroon Cricket Federation. The CCF was itself only founded in 2005, but is actively working to grow the sport in Cameroon, with nearly 200 local coaches now operating in the country. CWB projects are always well supported by CCF coaches offering local knowledge and expertise.

Why are CWB in Cameroon?

HIV has had a significant impact in Cameroon, the national HIV prevalence is estimated at 5.5% and 4% of AIDS-related deaths in sub-Saharan Africa occur in Cameroon. Young women in Cameroon are particularly at risk – with infection prevalence over 5 times higher in females aged 15-24 compared to males (2.7% vs 0.5%).

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The split demographics of Cameroon – rural vs urban – is also reflected in HIV testing rates. In the urbanised Oest region, 62% of the population know their HIV status, with that figure steadily dropping to below 20% as you move further north. The long term plan with Cameroon Cricket Federation is to support their ‘Cricket At School/ Le Cricket à L’école’ programme to champion the growth of Cricket in Cameroon at the same time of delivering key HIV and Aids awareness messages.

Stories from Cameroon

These stories from Cameroon are drawn from our volunteers’ project blogs – click through to read about the diverse experiences of our volunteers in this football-mad country as they bring cricket to Cameroon.


Alleluiah in Bamenda

22nd Feb 2015

Read all about a typical but busy day in Cameroon, training 100 future PE teachers and 700 school-children.


Lessons learnt

24th Nov 2014

A reflection by a volunteer on how using cricket as a vehicle for learning helps make HIV messaging stick.


Can you sign my shirt please?

12th March 2014

An unusual day in Cameroon – a TV appearance, meeting a footballing icon and less unusually, plenty of cricket.


It’s a Buea-tiful Day

18th Nov 2012

A day of Coach Education in Cameroon, including the attendance of a HIV/AIDS interested Biology teacher.

Cameroon Projects

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cam2016Cameroon Spring 2016
5th - 19th March


cam2015Cameroon Autumn 2015
17th - 31st Oct

Cameroon Spring 2015
6th - 20th Feb

cam2014Cameroon Autumn 2014
7th - 21st Nov

Cameroon Spring 2014
8th - 21st Mar

cam2012Cameroon Autumn 2012
9th - 25th Nov


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