Thursday, 03 September 2020 12:03

Mercury Phoenix Trust project: 6 month report

Despite the disruptions in 2020 due to Covid-19, we were still able to work on our project with partners Avert to develop, design and begin to implement new flashcards to use in cricket sessions across our sub-Saharan Africa partner countries, to get conversations going about HIV.

We developed 10 new flash cards, and as well as piloting them in Rwanda and Kenya in February this year we have been using these as the basis for online engagement and training for Ambassadors and community coaches on WhatsApp. We all are excited to get these back on the hands of our youth participants soon!

You can download the 6 month report HERE.

Janice Page, from funder of the project the Mercury Phoenix Trust, said:

"I ended up feeling incredibly encouraged at the education that has been carried out so far in the target areas. What struck me most was the simplicity of the programmes and yet they got right to the very heart of what is so important. Even the illustrations were interesting and again, so simple, but straight to the point with answers and facts. I felt that anyone who is too nervous to ask these questions got the answers and more they were looking for just from them alone and the design and layout has clearly been carefully thought about.

The flash cards and quizzes were an excellent idea and the amount of children reached in Rwanda and Kenya is astonishing and testament to the hard work and organisation of everyone involved. I’m sure all those people must be very proud of what they are achieving and rightly so."



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