Kenya is situated on the east coast of Africa, surrounded by Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Somalia and Tanzania, and with the Indian Ocean along its eastern coastline. Kenya is a beautiful, vibrant country and is famous for its tea plantations, coffee, safari parks, stunning scenery, mountains, volcanos and freshwater lakes.

Cricket in Kenya has been well established for many years, with league cricket in the major cities and a domestic competition incorporating teams from both Kenya and Uganda. The successes of the national side in the 2003 World Cup raised the profile of Kenyan cricket and while they have not yet been able to recreate this success there are nearly 25,000 regular participants in cricket nationally, including the iconic Maasai Cricket Warriors.

Why are CWB in Kenya?

FGM is illegal in Kenya, and nationally has shown steady decline in the last 10 years. There are, however, areas and tribes in Kenya where FGM continues to be practiced extensively, including the Maasai where 73.2% of women aged 15-49 have been “cut”. CWB are working with the FGM charity 28 Too Many and the Maasai Cricket Warriors to challenge this practice.

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Kenya is also at the heart of the HIV epidemic. The disease was first detected here in 1984, and it has the joint fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world, with 1.6 million people living with HIV in 2013. While testing is very accessible in Kenya – there are over 4,000 voluntary counselling and testing sites – fear of stigmatisation continues to suppress the rate of testing. CWB continues to work in Kenyan schools to educate young people on how to prevent the spread of HIV but also challenging stigma associated with the disease and encouraging regular testing.

Stories from Kenya

These stories from Kenya are drawn from our volunteers’ project blogs – click through to read about our volunteer experiences in this beautiful and fascinating country.


It's only just begun

4th Sep 2016

A reflection on the second FGM-focused project in Kenya, and looking forward to the work that still needs to be done.


Kenyan Dreams

13th Nov 2014

A returning volunteer reflects on the highlights of a Kenyan project, including meeting Eva, the girl who started it all.


Meeting Eva

24th Feb 2014

Eva was terribly sick when the first CWB trek across Africa came across her in 2006. Then, 8 years later…


Testing pioneers

26th Oct 2012

Read about the first project to run HIV testing stations alongside cricket festivals, and the importance of testing.

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kenya2016Kenya Autumn 2016
1st - 15th Oct

Kenya Summer 2016
21st - 28th Jun

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3rd - 17th Oct

Kenya Spring 2015
15th - 22nd Feb

kenya2014Kenya Autumn (1) 2014
4th - 18th Oct

Kenya Autumn (2) 2014
18th - 31st Oct

Kenya Spring 2014
15th Feb - 1st Mar

kenya2013Kenya Autumn 2013
13th - 26th Oct


kenya2012Kenya Autumn 2012
13th - 28th Oct

Kenya Spring 2012
12th - 27th Feb

kenya2011Kenya Autumn 2011
21st Oct - 4th Nov

Kenya Spring 2011
12th – 27th February

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