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Cricket Without Boundaries recognises that cricket has the power to bring people together. CWB projects are always inclusive, irrespective of the background, gender or ability of participants.

Projects often seek out and embrace the opportunity to bring cricket to those who, without CWB, might not have had the opportunity to do so.

Equity continues to be a challenge across much of sub-Saharan Africa. This takes the form of gender inequality, social inequality and disability inequality. All of these groups face suppressed social status and discrimination, reducing their power to act independently and avoid poverty.

The Facts

Many African countries continue to battle against inequity and the challenges of infectious diseases and conflict.


of the world’s visually impaired people live in Africa

80 million

people living in Africa with a disability


of global refugees are hosted in African countries

The route to tackling many of these challenges fits with the values of CWB – working to include all, giving everyone an opportunity to play and learn through cricket.

Our Approach

In Northern Uganda we work in partnership with the UCA and ICC to bring cricket to this area marked by the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency and help heal wounds caused by the conflict.

In Rwanda we are regular visitors to and supporter of the Rwandan Orphans Project, a residential home for children who were previously homeless and just one of several orphanages and street children charities CWB have worked with.

Gender equality is a fundamental development objective, and is essential to enabling women and men to participate equally in society. CWB sessions always encourage boys and girls to play together, and work to achieve this goal. The use of partnerships, communication and working together to achieve success is central to this message.

And as in many places, people with a disability in the countries we work in often face stigmatisation and discrimination. Cricket Without Boundaries will always work to challenge this stigma and discrimination and promote integration, adapting sessions to include all participants and focusing on ability, rather than disability.


Success Stories


VI cricket

24th Sep 2015

CWB projects always encourage integration of young people with visual impairments, and have incorporated visits to VI schools as part of projects.


Northern Uganda

24th Apr 2013

Listen to Patrick explain what impact cricket has had on children at his school in Lira, Northern Uganda.


Inclusive cricket

30th Sep 2012

CWB will always work to challenge stigma and discrimination based on disability. 


Rwanda Orphans Project

5th Oct 2011

We are a regular visitor to and supporter of the Rwandan Orphans Project.

34 million


In Sub-Saharan Africa

40 percent


In African countries


of persons with disabilities

Sustainable Development Goal 2015-2030

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