Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda is also now the most densely populated country in Africa, with over 300 people per square kilometre. Half of Rwanda’s citizens are under the age of 18. Most of these children live on less than $1 a day. Many are still recovering from the 1994 genocide and its aftermath, when an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed during a 100-day period.

Cricket in Rwanda has played a significant role in the healing and reconciliation process following the genocide. Hardly played before 1994, there are now an estimated 10,000 players in the country. Gaining ICC affiliate status in 2003, cricket in the country continues to grow, although structured competition is focused in the capital, Kigali.

Why are CWB in Rwanda?

CWB are proud of the work our ambassadors and volunteers do on a day-to-day basis to use cricket to continue to bring people together in Rwanda. From peace building training for our ambassadors, to our ongoing relationship with the Rwandan Orphans Project, CWB use cricket in Rwanda to emphasise that all can work and play together - no matter what their size, gender or ethnicity.

why rwanda

As with all sub-Saharan countries, Rwanda has a not insignificant HIV burden. The country has 170,000 people living with HIV, 22,000 of these being children under 14. Although the official prevalence level of 2.4% is relatively low the lack of systematic testing in the country means the fight against HIV continues to be a challenge.

Stories from Rwanda

These stories from Rwanda are drawn from our project blogs – click through to read about the work we do and the unique character of this small but special country.


A day to remember

16th Oct 2015

A great days’ coaching, and a sobering reminder of what lies beneath the surface in this beautiful country.


Gorillas in the mist

2nd Oct 2014

A 4:30 start and 2 hour uphill trek brings rich reward as a team takes the opportunity to visit some of Rwanda’s wildlife.


Never again

1st March 2014

A story about butterflies, the consequences of discrimination, and why “never again” is so important in Rwanda.


Girl power

6th Oct 2013

A volunteer reflects on the importance of trust, openness, and the willingness to have honest conversations.

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rwanda2016Rwanda Autumn 2016
28th Sep – 8th Oct

rwanda2015Rwanda Autumn 2015
3rd - 18th Oct

Rwanda Spring 2015
6th - 20th Feb

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19th Sep - 3rd Oct

Rwanda Spring 2014
9th - 23rd Feb

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28th Sep - 12th Oct

Rwanda Spring 2013
2nd -16th Mar

rwanda2012Rwanda Autumn 2012
29th Sep - 13th Oct

Rwanda Spring 2012
3rd -17th Mar

rwanda2011Rwanda Autumn 2011
23rd Sep - 7th Oct

Rwanda Spring 2011
3rd -17th Mar

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