Uganda is located in East Africa and shares borders with Kenya, South Sudan and Tanzania. It has a population estimated at around 32 million, having increased more than 6 fold since 1950. Uganda is a country of significant socio-economical contrast, particularly following the 20-year insurgency of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda which largely came to an end in 2006.

Cricket is a popular sport in Uganda, with over 50,000 participants involved. Uganda is an associate member of the ICC and is currently ranked 21st in the world.

Why are CWB in Uganda?

Uganda was for many years recognised as a success story in the sub-Saharan African fight against HIV, showing a steady decline in infection rates between 2005 and 2013. This trend is, however, now reversing, with recent increases in infection rates meaning there were 83,000 new HIV infections in 2015. As a result CWB continues to work in Uganda on HIV health projects.

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In addition, cricket has also been used to great effect in Northern Uganda to heal wounds caused by the rebel insurgency of the LRA, as well as supporting the integration of young refugees from South Sudan. Many young people in this area were witness to terrible atrocities, and in some cases were forced to become child soldiers. Cricket has proven an effective means to allow these young people to become children again.

Stories from Uganda

These stories from Uganda are drawn from our volunteers’ project blogs – click through to read about the diverse experiences of our volunteers in Uganda and some of their unique stories.


Testing times in Uganda

13th Jan 2016

Uganda’s HIV lead Steve looks at the importance of a robust testing programme, and it’s potential to change lives.


Coach Ed Ugandan style

22nd Sep 2015

A project tutor describes a day of coach education and the (occasionally silly!) integration of HIV messaging.


The positives of Grace

14th Oct 2013

The story of an HIV positive teacher, and how she has made the very best of the hand that she has been dealt.


Now cricket is their game

1st May 2013

A first-time volunteer reflects on the impact of CWB’s work in Northern Uganda, following the end of conflict in the area.

Uganda Projects

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uganda2016Uganda Spring 2016
12th - 26th Mar

uganda2015Uganda Autumn 2015
19th Sep - 3rd Oct

Uganda Spring 2015
22nd Feb - 9th Mar

uganda2014Uganda Autumn 2014
23rd Sep - 8th Oct

Uganda Spring 2014
23rd Feb - 9th Mar

uganda2013Uganda Autumn 2013
5th - 18th Oct

North Uganda Spring 2013
15th - 25th Apr

East Uganda Spring 2013
17th Feb - 3rd Mar

Uganda Spring 2013
17th Feb - 3rd Mar

uganda2012Uganda Autumn 2012
23rd Sep - 6th Oct

Uganda Summer 2012
29th Jun - 16th Jul

Uganda Spring 2012
26th Feb - 13th Mar

uganda2011Uganda Autumn 2011
3rd - 16th Oct

Uganda Spring 2011
26th Feb - 14th Mar

uganda2010Uganda Spring 2010
26th Feb - 14th Mar

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