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CWB Photo of the Year

Congratulations to Emily Renier whose picture has won this years CWB photo of the Year, it was taken in Gulu, Northern Uganda during the Spring project.



Here's what Emily had to say about the photo.

"Coincidently, this is actually my favourite picture out of all the ones I took whilst away in Uganda. Not only because it is obviously a very clear reminder of the pretty amazing opportunity I had to be part of those children's lives even for a few hours but also more significantly because it epitomises what I think CWB is trying to achieve across more than 5 African countries.

I love the colour and the vibrancy of the little girls dresses reflecting the African culture. But I also wanted to promote the significance of girls playing cricket. I am passionate about this issue in this country let alone Uganda where women can be stigmatised to a devastating extent. The more women are respected and valued as equals by men, the more they will have a say in their sexual choices, the more control they will have over their own destiny.

It seemed quite clear to me by the end of my trip that sport is an extremely powerful and yet such a simple way to include and value all members of a community, men or women, child or adult, student or teacher.

Finally, I think it also shows some a pretty good technique which is testament to CWB's training and teaching methods. This photo was taken after an impromptu 30 minute close- catching session. Now just imagine what could become of these girls if they had access to daily training... And this is precisely the point CWB is making in Africa as we speak".



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