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Building a POSITIVE future - World AIDS Day

Cricket Without Boundaries is striving to promote open, positive and informed conversations about HIV. Whether you are learning about HIV, living in communities affected by HIV or suffering from HIV, we are championing positive responses.

Through our work we realise that prevention is only half the battle. Positive awareness of HIV can help build healthier lifestyles, stronger communities and ultimately more effective action in the fight against the virus. Our projects bring communities together through cricket- young, old, male, female, HIV+ and not- there are no boundaries. Through CWB, cricket is allowing our coaches, players, schools, families and communities to discuss HIV, understand HIV and ultimately make a stand against HIV.

In support of World Aids Day 2013, we are asking everyone to be positive about HIV. Challenge any pre-conceived ideas you might have and join the conversation. Nowhere are these conversations more apparent than with those directly affected by HIV and involved in CWB projects. If nothing else, please take a few moments to watch the incredible videos below; they are testament to the strength of the individuals and their unerring resolve in promoting positive dialogue about HIV.

At CWB we provide Positive Education, promote Positive Living, support Positive Communities and encourage Positive Action- ultimately we are looking to Build a Positive Future for all those affected by HIV.



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