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Woodward Charitable Trust

2013 marks the third consecutive year in which Cricket Without Boundaries has benefited from the generous support of the Woodward Charitable Trust. The trust is one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts and generally supports small to medium sized charities across a number of areas including community and social welfare, the arts, environment and education. The money received from the trust has been directed towards projects in Rwanda, and have helped make the visits to that country some of CWB's most effective and memorable.

The Rwanda team spent the first week of their recent project in Kigali, working in several schools that CWB has visited before, while three separate visits were also paid to the Rwandan Orphans Project. Furthermore, the team also took the opportunity to meet the Aegis Trust. They run Rwanda's genocide museum and both parties were hopeful that by working together, peace building messages could be introduced into CWB's usual array of HIV-awareness messages within coaching sessions.

The money received from the Woodward Charitable Trust was put to good use in the second week of the project. For the first time in CWB history, the team made the lengthy journey from Kigali to the southern province of Nyanze. Without the trust's support, trips like this can become prohibitive because of the additional transportation and accommodation costs. However, by adding this destination to the itinerary, hundreds of children in this region which suffered heavily during the civil war, had a wonderful introduction to the game of cricket with our CWB project team.

The Woodward Charitable Trust puts a high value on charities which make good use of volunteers and encourage past and present users to participate, and perhaps nowhere is this better illustrated in CWB's activities than with the commencement of the CWB Ambassadors Scheme in Rwanda. Two ambassadors, who have both received CWB training in the past, will be ensuring that CWB's work in the country is carried on long after the project team has left. Eric, who will be based in Kigali and Audi, who will be working in the south of the country, will conduct numerous coaching and training sessions in conjunction with the Rwandan Cricket Association over the coming months. They have seen the benefits of CWB's projects first hand, and are determined to carry on the charity's good work. CWB's generous volunteers and supporters like the Woodward Charitable Trust are certainly making a difference in this wonderful African nation.



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