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Red Snapper Group Donation

Cricket Without Boundaries has been buoyed by a tremendous donation from the Red Snapper Group. Red Snapper contributed £10,000 towards the charity and is now proudly showing off its association with CWB via the company website with the CWB logo prominently displayed to all visitors.

Red Snapper, who are a market leading staffing services provider to the crime prevention, criminal justice, regulatory services & business resilience work communities, were impressed by CWB's "mission" and just as importantly, CWB's "lean corporate structure". In practice, this means that a very high proportion of funds donated, including Red Snapper's contribution, go directly to our project work in Africa. High praise indeed considering some of the organisations that Red Snapper has worked with over the years, including the Home Office, MOD, FCO, DEFRA, HMRC and most police authorities, not to mention over 3000 commercial organisations.

Andrew Ryan, CWB's Head of Corporate Fundraising and Partnerships commented that "this is one of the largest individual donations that the charity has received and certainly goes to show the increasing confidence that the corporate sector has in both CWB's methods and the impact that our work is having in Africa. Red Snapper are a fast growing company that has has tremendous success in a number of areas over the last few years – we certainly look forward to growing with them in the coming years and forging a substantial partnership with such a highly credible organisation".



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