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Coach cricket and change lives in Africa

Be part of something extraordinary

An unforgettable experience is in store for volunteers across the country who could be on their way to Africa to coach cricket, while delivering vital health messages.

Development charity Cricket Without Boundaries is looking for volunteers to join them in five African countries in 2018 to coach cricket to thousands of young people. Cricket is used in a completely unique way to raise awareness around HIV/AIDS and FGM. Over the past ten years around 400 volunteers have coached over 250,000 children in Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The impact has been on local communities has been remarkable.

Henry Okecho, Development Manager at the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA), said:

“CWB have been a blessing to not just the UCA but the country as a whole. Over the years they have been able to take HIV Educational Programmes designed around cricket coaching to some of our most rural frontiers that ordinarily wouldn't receive much attention.

"In addition during the ICC Annual Awards Night, Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) won the Spirit of Cricket Award, as a result of activity with CWB and the Mehta Group, which gave participants access to free health checks (High Blood Pressure, diabetes, HIV testing and counselling) during a cricket coaching festival. We are forever indebted to CWB for spreading the game and creating health awareness among these communities.”

Mary Maini, General Secretary at the Rwanda Cricket Association (RCA), said:

"In Rwanda, cricket is one of the fastest growing sports thanks to partners like Cricket Without Boundaries. They have done a great job in grassroots cricket by increasing the number of players and awareness across the country through voluntary tour projects. Since 2007, CWB has also used cricket to unite, educate, and empower local communities. It has also contributed much in awareness of HIV/AIDS among the youth who are the most susceptible to the disease in Rwanda."

The impact on volunteers is also transformational.

Mollie Fitzgerald, aged 20, from Ipswich, said:

"It is an experience like no other, I will never find anywhere better to learn to coach and I have never smiled so much in my life."


Bradley Milne, aged 20, from Grimsby, said:

"The phrase 'life changing' is an over-used one, however there is no better way of describing this experience."

Julie Fielder, aged 45, from Middlesex, said:

"If I can bring a smile to just one child's face or encourage just one more person to play cricket and combine that with health messages to help them have a better future then that will be brilliant."

Lee Booth - Head of Delivery at Cricket Without Boundaries, said:

"We are looking for volunteers from all backgrounds to join us in Africa next year. Every single one of our volunteers has an experience that stays with them forever. So whether it's cricket, sports, health, or making a difference to those who've not been given a decent start in life, volunteering with Cricket Without Boundaries could be for you.

"We provide full training and support. Our projects run in the Spring and Autumn so there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. This is your chance to be part of something extraordinary that will benefit so many people."

Cricket Without Boundaries trips last two weeks and are normally packed-full to ensure the maximum impact in each country. Each project is made up of a team of 6-8 volunteers, with a mix of coaches and non-coaches to ensure a good spread of skills.

The projects include working with local schools, delivery of HIV and FGM awareness messages, training local people as coaches, umpires and scorers and acting as a representative of Cricket Without Boundaries within local communities.

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