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Thank you, Sonia and Samuel! #VolunteersWeek

Cricket Without Boundaries is a volunteer-led organisation. We’re really proud of the volunteers in our partner countries who, following training from our Tutors and Ambassadors, keep inspiring children through cricket. This Volunteers Week, we’re highlighting two volunteers from Uganda and Rwanda – Sonia and Samuel.

First a message from Sonia:

“My name is Ngomoloya Sonia. I am 42 yrs old. Generally, I like games. I got to know about cricket when Lee Booth and his CWB team came and trained teachers from primary and secondary schools, and the university, way back in 2012. The introduction of cricket in Gulu city made the game to become known in the North not only by teachers but also other stakeholders. I liked the game from the very start, and it has greatly influenced me because through cricket I have made new friends, have fun when coaching the children, and it keeps me fit!

In the end, cricket has given me a job which has greatly helped me a lot, with coaching as well as coordinating with different schools and government offices about cricket. And that's why the city sports officer has now said that cricket should now be in cooperated in the school calendar as part of co-curricular activities.

May God protect you all out there and us here from covid - 19”.

Sonia is a key part of the Gulu hub, the Gulu Gorillas, and it is thanks to her hard work alongside the other volunteers at Gulu that the city now has representation in the National league in Kampala. Thank you, Sonia!

Next, a message from CWB Ambassador Eric about his young coaching assistant, Samuel:

“His name is Maniriho Samuel, he finished senior six in 2019 and he is also a player for Ndera boys. His coaching is very inspirational, he was coaching Ndera girls team, and that team is now division 1. Since 2017 he has also been coaching as an assistant in for Indatwa Hampshire.”

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We love to see young coaches getting involved in helping to grow the game, and it is so fantastic to see how people like Samuel are making sure that cricket really is a game for everyone. Thank you, Samuel!



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