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Rabina’s Story

Rabina Rajbanshi started playing cricket in her school in Biratnagar, Nepal as part of the CWB, MCCF funded Cricket for Equality project.

“I started playing cricket this year. I love learning to bat, bowl and field, and playing with my friends. I’m now also a Cricket Changemaker. We are working to increase the number of girls playing cricket. We have chosen three main goals - to increase girls’ confidence, to change boys mindsets and reduce teasing by boys, and to make it so the community can see girls playing cricket and build pride in what we can achieve.

For me the big opportunity for girls in cricket is that they can bring money and resources into the family through playing cricket. So, the money I have earned by being a Cricket Changemaker will help support my family financially.”

Volunteer with CWB to help us find the next Hana and start their cricketing journey, while also using the sport as a platform for positive social change.

Our proposed dates for Autumn 2023 projects are as follows:

  • Rwanda - 23 Sept - 7 Oct
  • Uganda - 30 Sept - 14 Oct
  • Kenya - 30 Sept - 14 Oct
  • Nepal - Full for 2023 but Spring 2024 available

We are also looking for volunteers for our 2024 projects.

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