No Boundaries Ever

All of Cricket Without Boundaries’ work is underpinned by a central value of inclusion: “No Boundaries, Ever”. This is reflected throughout our work across our key themes.

Youth Led Change

Through our Cricket Changemakers approach, we work in collaboration with cricket organisations and local NGOs to support and empower teams of young people to transform their communities through cricket. The approach is currently trialled in Nepal where girls from Morang and Saptari districts are using cricket to learn about and transform harmful gender norms. A second trial in Rwanda starting in Autumn 2023 will help us to plan how to apply the approach more widely across our work.

Gender Equality

Gender equal opportunities to participate in sport are crucial, and can support gender equal participation in society more widely. Our mixed-gender work develops communication, cooperation and respect between boys and girls to help achieve this aim. All our mass participation sessions are open to all and sessions ensure that boys and girls are encouraged to play together, often in mixed teams. Additionally, wherever CWB organise a cricket festival day, this will either comprise mixed gender teams competing against each other, or a boys and girls competition of equal size running at the same time.

We know that girls in particular face barriers to full participation, and our coaches in Jordan and Nepal deliver girls-only activities, where female youth leaders are empowered to ensure that girls have access to sport, and coaching.


At the end of 2022, there are an estimated 108.4 million* people across the world who have been forcibly displaced from their country of origin, of which 35.3 million* are recognised as refugees. 43.3 million* of these forcibly displaced people are under 18, including a staggering 1.9 million* children who were born as refugees. We work with organisations and refugee communities in the UK, Jordan, Lebanon and Rwanda who use cricket or sport to support asylum seeking or refugee children and young people to access advice and services, as well as providing a safe space to meet and play with friends.

Our work in this area is undertaken with specialist partners and we are proud to work closely with UNHCR, The MCC Foundation, Right to Play and the Alsama project to deliver this work.

*, Refugee Data Finder


Once the mainstay of our work in Sub Saharan Africa. Fortunately, due to a combination of improved education in school settings and government information campaigns, knowledge of HIV / AIDS in our host countries has vastly improved during the last 10 years. However, adolescents are the only group in which the rates of HIV infection in sub-Saharan Africa continue to rise. While the topic is covered in schools, knowledge gaps, myths, stigmatisation and gender inequality remain major barriers to tackling this challenge head on. Recognising this challenge, CWB's current work is focussed on breaking down the stigma associated with HIV / AIDS and addressing gender inequality which remain significant issues.

We work with the cricket associations in Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda to bring boys, girls, teachers and coaches from all backgrounds and of all statuses together, to play cricket and use games to prompt discussion about these key issues.

While these themes form the core of our delivery, over the years we have partnered with organisations wanting to use cricket for topics such as peace building, child soldier reintegration, and campaigning for the end of FGM. We are always interested in working with partners who share our broad goals: to empower and make a positive change through cricket.


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